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Supporting Purpose-Driven People and Projects Around the World

We are at an incredible turning point in our human history. Around the world, our healthcare, economic and political systems are breaking down, while the environmental crisis threatens the wellbeing of our species and planet.


These unprecedented times call for purposeful and creative action. 


This is why UNITY EARTH and GLOBAL PURPOSE MOVEMENT have channeled our inspiration and energy to launch PURPOSE EARTH, a global initiative supporting a grant and mentorship program with real-world impact. 


We believe purpose is the most powerful tool for transformation. By inspiring, empowering and supporting each other to live and take action from our unique sense of purpose, we can co-create a world that unifies us all.

We Believe This Is Possible.

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We believe purpose is the most powerful tool for transformation. It’s this belief that inspires our mission to support purpose-driven people and projects with creative solutions to our global challenges.
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We envision a world that works for everyone, co-created by a unified culture of peace that empowers and supports one another to live and act from a place of purpose.

About Global Purpose Movement & UNITY EARTH

GLOBAL PURPOSE MOVEMENT is a worldwide community of purpose seekers, change-makers and social entrepreneurs empowering others to find their purpose. It’s through this sense of purpose that we hope to create sustainable, global transformation. The seeds of Global Purpose Movement’s vision were first planted in 2009, taking the form of Greenheart Transforms, a branch of Greenheart International. After hosting numerous workshops, events and retreats in settings such as Chicago, Ibiza, Sedona and Monterey, it was clear there was a yearning among groups to take real action in creating positive change within our growing global crisis. After hosting a gathering of like-minded representatives from organizations like IONS, the Theosophical Society and ITP International in Sedona, official groundwork was laid in 2013 to launch this transformative movement. In 2016, renamed Global Purpose Movement, gatherings and events in settings like Sunrise Ranch in Colorado, Sedona and Chicago have instilled the conviction that purpose is the most powerful tool for transformation. By connecting with both individuals and collectives, Global Purpose Movement continues to pursue its mission to empower individuals and groups to hold their highest purpose in service to the whole. Past events include hosting tributes to Barbara Marx Hubbard and Ervin Laszlo, and Purpose Summits in San Francisco and Berlin.




UNITY EARTH is a global network and 501c3 nonprofit on a mission to accelerate the realization of unity and peace on Earth. Inspired by the world’s wisdom traditions, the network is built to amplify the reach and impact of peace-aligned organizations and individuals. UNITY EARTH places collective values and universal principles at the heart of its initiative, reaching across lines that used to divide by inviting people of all ages, races and beliefs to unite in the quest to make the world a safer and more inclusive place. Since 2016, the organization has embarked on a groundbreaking event series called The Road to 2020, with thousands of people from diverse cultures and spiritual traditions brought together for successful events in Ethiopia, Canada, Australia and the US, plus hundreds of thousands reached online. The momentum has increased since the UNITY EARTH Lift Off event in New York City in February 2019 and they’re currently laying the groundwork for the activation of the mission on a global scale with events in Varanasi, India and the Middle East, followed by the Caravan of Unity across both the US and Europe, which culminates on Peace Weekend 2020, a global celebration of International Day of Peace.



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