Light on Light

An Imprint Dedicated to Interspirituality
New York City, New York, USA
Project Story
Light on Light Press is an imprint dedicated to interspirituality, the sacred ground upon which all religious and wisdom traditions intersect and share their deeper unity of experiences. Light on Light aims to continue this interfaith dialogue by publishing the contemporary works of both sacred and secular thought leaders whose messages perpetuate an engaged spirituality that fully embodies our beliefs, respects our differences and inspires us to compassionate action.
With the support of the Purpose Earth grant, Light on Light is connecting audiences from five like-minded organizations: (1) Light Publication and Media; (2) Light on Kundalini, Yoga of Awareness and Inspired Lifestyle; the (3) Conscious Business and (4) Sustainable Development Goals Synergy Circles of the Evolutionary Leaders and (5) the UN NGO Committee for the International Day of Yoga.

“The plan of conjoining our online presence across our intertwined thematic areas—through interactive software (like Active Campaign etc.) linking the messages reach of all the online presences, will offer both an increase in the size of our constituencies but also coherence to our intertwined messages and planning toward the future in synergy.” 

- Dr. Kurt Johnson, Contributions Editor 

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Project Impact and reach to date:
3 websites
250,000 copies of Light on Light distributed
100,000 annual listenership to to Light on Light’s “The Convergence” Series on Voice America
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