Economic Empowerment Of Refugee Youth

Providing Hairstyling and Business Vocational Training
Rhino Camp refugee settlement, Arua in Uganda
Project Story
Uganda's Rhino Camp refugee settlement hosts over 200,000 refugees, most of whom are youths living with extreme economic challenges, food shortages and a weakened health care system. This project, led by Youth Camp Africa in Uganda, provides life and vocational skills and education in finance management to empower 100 youth living within Ariwa and Yelulu of the Rhino Camp refugee settlement.
Through the support of a Purpose Earth grant, this project will be able to provide 100 start-up kits and training materials, mostly focused on hair styling as a vocation. This grant also helps provide stipends for project teachers and administrative costs.

“By delaying to empower youths with enough knowledge on life skills, youths leadership, and business management… it may result in the risks of early marriages, idleness, theft, robbery, drug abuse, domestic violence and voluntary repatriation. This project could provide timely access to life skills, build capacities of youths in finance management, and build community capacity to defeat economic challenges caused by Covid 19 pandemic.”

- Awilo Alfred Alfred, Project Director

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