Empowering Extraordinary People.
Activating World-Changing Projects.

Purpose Earth is a global grant and mentorship program empowering grassroots, community leaders and their transformative solutions.
Each of us plays a critical role in creating a world that works for everyone. Join us in supporting world-changing projects on a mission to solve the challenges of our time.

Our Framework Supporting Real-World Impact

Three Purpose Pillars create the framework of Purpose Earth’s grant and mentorship program. 

Purpose and Passion Can Change Our World. Become Part of the Story.

Community-driven change starts with having access to resources and collaborative support. Stand with us in empowering leaders and their transformative visions. 

To-date, Purpose Earth has been able to award over $388,000 to 43 grant recipients in 24 countries around the world. And there’s so much more we can do!

With 100% of your donation going to Purpose Earth grant recipients, you're able to amplify the missions of purpose-driven projects and strengthen our human connection in profound ways.

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