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Do You Have a Purpose-Driven Project Ready to Launch into Motion?


Purpose Earth is a global initiative supporting a grant and mentorship program with real-world solutions to our environmental and social challenges. We’re looking for purpose-driven projects that are finding creative solutions within the areas of environmental protection, community activation and cultural collaboration. 


Purpose Earth grant funding ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 per recipient.

If awarded, you’ll receive funding and mentorship support.

Annual Application Deadline:

We are no longer accepting applications for this round.

Please check back soon for upcoming grant opportunities.

Due to the in-depth and careful review and vetting of all application submissions, grant recipients will be notified of their award by late December or early January.

PURPOSE EARTH Grant Award Criteria:


Before you get started on the Purpose Earth grant application, we suggest you set aside enough time to be able to be as detailed and specific in your answers as possible. You will NOT be able to save your progress or return to the application. We suggest copying and pasting your answers to a Word Doc should you need to begin the application again.

After completing the application, you will also be asked to upload your letter of reference(s) and a video submission. 


Grant Recipients Are Chosen Based On The Project’s: 


  • Alignment with Purpose Earth’s mission to create a world that works for everyone

  • Ability to address solutions within the areas of cultural collaboration (empowering creative expression and connection), community activation (any project that creates a positive community network while working toward transformative action) and/or environmental protection (projects that work to alleviate environmental degradation, restore natural resources)

  • Predicted community impact

  • Sustainability of the project and ability to operate after the initial grant funds are used 

  • Outline of the design, development, and implementation process

  • Clear timeline for completion and/or initiation

  • Goals and milestones used to track project progress and report impact

  • Individual or team experience and expertise

  • Proposed value and cost for implementation

  • Vision and impact as creatively expressed within a 2-minute or less video highlighting how a Purpose Earth grant would help your project efforts 

  • Ability to provide at least one reference letter from an individual you’ve had a professional connection, or an organization, endorsing the program/project.


Submitting Your Application and Video:

Step 1:

Complete the Purpose Earth grant application and upload your reference letter(s)

through the online form linked below. 

Step 2:


Submit your 2-minute video file by clicking the "Submit Your Video" button below to upload your file.


Please title your video file using this template: name_project name_date submitted.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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Purpose Earth launched its global grant and mentorship program in 2019, setting out on a mission to fund and mentor purpose-driven people and grassroots projects applying creative solutions to some of our most daunting environmental, community and cultural challenges.

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