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Application deadline: August 31, 2024 at 11:59pm CDT

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Purpose Earth is a grant and mentorship program empowering leaders and their transformative solutions to our global challenges.

We support purpose-driven projects that are finding creative solutions within the areas of environmental protection, community activation and cultural collaboration. 

Grant funding is up to $10,000 per recipient. If awarded, you’ll receive both funding and mentorship support.

Deadline to submit your completed application: August 31, 2024 at 11:59pm CDT

Purpose Earth grant recipients are chosen based on the project’s alignment with the Purpose Earth mission and ability to address solutions in the areas of:

  • Environmental Protection (projects that work to alleviate environmental degradation, restore/protect natural resources or address solutions for climate change)
  • Community Activation (projects creating a positive and thriving community network while engaging in transformative change for the good of the whole)
  • Cultural Collaboration (empowering creative expression and connection, while strengthening the values of compassion and collaboration across communities and sectors)

Projects must also be able to articulate how a grant will support community impact and outline a specific design, development and implementation process for how the grant will be used within a clear timeline.

All applicants are required to provide at least one reference letter from an individual you’ve had a professional connection with, related to your qualifications in leading the project and endorsing the project mission.

Please read below for helpful guidelines on completing your application.

Purpose Earth grant funding ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 per recipient.

Apply Now

Apply by August 31st, 2024

Purpose Earth is now accepting applications.

Deadline to apply: August 31, 2024 at 11:59 pm CDT

​Due to the amount of submissions, we can not accept incomplete applications after the deadline closes.

​Our team engages in an in-depth and careful review and vetting of all application submissions and references. Grant recipients will be notified if they have been awarded in late December or early January.

Grant Recipients Are Chosen Based On The Project’s:
Alignment with Purpose Earth’s mission to create a world that works for everyone
Sustainability of the project and ability to operate after the initial grant funds are used
Ability to address solutions within the areas of cultural collaboration
Clear timeline for completion and/or initiation
Predicted community impact
Individual or team experience and expertise
Outline of the design, development, and implementation process
Grant Application Guidelines:

Before you begin, it is important you read the guidelines below. By adhering to these guidelines, you significantly enhance the likelihood of your application being considered for funding. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

1. One Application per Organization: Each organization may submit only one application. Organizations submitting multiple applications will not be considered.

2. Completeness of Applications: Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. Please ensure all required sections are filled out accurately and thoroughly by the deadline stated above. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Deadline to submit your application is August 31, 2024 at 11:59pm CDT.

3. Funding Limit: Projects are funded up to USD 10,000. Applications requesting funding above this limit will not be considered.

4. Budget Requirements: Applicants must include a detailed budget and budget description, outlining how the funds would be allocated and spent.

5. Excluded Funding Areas: Funding is not provided for the following:

  • Operational support, including salaries, wages, or compensation to consultants, contractors, or advisors.
  • Travel support.
  • Capital campaigns.
  • Sponsorships, conferences, or prizes.
  • Projects exceeding our maximum grant of 10,000 USD, where a Purpose Earth grant would constitute only a fraction of the total project cost, will not be considered for funding.

6. Video Submission: Applicants are asked to include a 1-minute video submission to creatively explain the vision and impact of how a Purpose Earth grant would support project efforts. We encourage you to read these guidelines for creating a quality video.

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