Waste Evolution: Positive Plastic

Upcycling Single-Use Plastic into Artistic Products
Beirut, Lebanon
Project Story
Waste Evolution: Positive Plastic, an initiative of Ahla Fawda to eliminate need and greed, aims to turn single-use plastic bags into strong, usable and reusable carrier bags. The procedure involves taking single-use plastic bags, layering them on top of each other, ironing them for adhesive purposes, and then using a standardized module to sculpt the bags into sturdy reusable carrier bags. Their goals are to create a mindset in the community of being environmentally aware and reduce waste, as well as provide workshops to educate the community on simple ways to make products out of plastic bags and recycling. The project also hopes to create a market space to display and sell these up-cycled items to the public.
Through the support of a Purpose Earth grant, The Positive Plastic initiative will be able to purchase and supply iron machines, cutting tools, a steam press, a computer and help cover operating costs to create reusable carrier bags and offer workshops. Purpose Earth mentors will work with the project in creating marketing strategies and how to access information on recycling practices.

“Lebanon's waste crisis is best addressed through an economic approach to solve the negligence that has led to piles of waste. The need to find solutions for plastic waste is clear in the people we interact with, especially the young generation.”

 - Imane Nasereddine Assaf, Project Director and Founder of Ahla Fawda and the Positive Plastic Initiative 

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