Earth Guardians Indigenous Youth Initiative Training

Empowering Indigenous Youth of the Americas
West Fulton, New York in the Schoharie Valley, Ancestral Mohawk land
Project Story
The Earth Guardians Indigenous Youth Initiative is a unique program focusing on uplifting Indigenous ways of life, voice and leadership, with a vision of bringing the planet back into balance and out of climate chaos. Every year this program plans a 7-day, in-person training, followed by ongoing support for the participating youth.

This in-person gathering is led by Indigenous adult mentors and the Earth Guardians Indigenous Youth Initiative Committee and engaging with 25+ Native youth leaders ages 18-25 years of age from diverse tribes. This training equips each participant with the tools and confidence to inspire and lead other tribal youth, and their community members, to effect impactful lasting change in the areas of: traditional ecological knowledge, food sovereignty, environmental/social justice issues, reclamation of story, multimedia techniques, Native nation building, non-violent direct action, campaign development, cultural resilience and decolonization. Youth participants are empowered in their own climate projects, learning valuable skills and building relationships with mentors and peers during the program.
Through the support of a $5,000 Purpose Earth grant, food and accommodation expenses for the Indigenous Youth attending the training will be provided for, removing financial barriers to participate and allowing for an inclusive and diverse gathering.

“This training has become a central pillar of healing and learning for many Native youth of the Americas, and we hope to continue this legacy for many years to come with the help of foundations such as yours.”

- Kellie Berns, Co-Founder

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Project Impact and reach to date:
The 2024 Indigenous Youth Initiative Training united 15 Indigenous youth from 20+ tribal nations
Trainees continue implementing their vision of a joint campaign, Indigenous Futures, an intertribal mutual aid network
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