Unleashing the African Potential

Personal and Community Development Program in Botswana
Mmopane, Botswana
Project Story
Unleashing the African Potential is a human development and community development project in a small village in the Kweneng district of Botswana called Mmopane, situated 15kms from Gaborone. It was created and championed by “We, The World ” Botswana Branch Coordinator Angelina Gabaitse.
​As a result of Purpose Earth’s support, Unleashing the African Potential project successfully launched and has provided numerous social and economic empowerment programs, along with environmental stewardship classes. Their 12-week transformational program includes storytelling, awareness campaigns and educational workshops centering around themes of confidence, acceptance, compassion, and respect, etc.

They also developed a 4-week Business management program that includes basic financial planning and financial literacy courses that aim to teach entrepreneurial skills to youth and adults. The Mmopane community also developed a 12-week skill-sharing program that offers participants the opportunity to teach and apply practical skills like gardening, housekeeping and weaving. Tailored for each sector of the community, the educational programs facilitated by Unleashing the African Potential are bringing community members together.

“The programs offer a holistic and wholesome approach for the family household, ‘leaving no one behind.’  This project aspires to nurture their participant’s skills, dreams, and desires to uplift and empower the village community as a whole.”

- Angelina Gabaitse, Founder 

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Project Impact and reach to date:
3 community programs launched
81 program participants
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