Global Coralition

Regenerating Coral Reefs Through Community- Based Arts and Science
Sosúa Bay, Dominican Republic
Project Story
Global Coralition is a project dedicated to marine ecosystem regeneration, primarily focused on coral reef ecosystems. To-date, our planet has lost over half of our reefs in the last 30 years and are expected to lose 90% by 2050. In the Dominican Republic, they have less than 10% living tissue left. To combat this environmental degradation, Global Coralition unites art, science and community to regenerate collapsing coral reef ecosystems by building large-scale sculptures inspired by indigenous wisdom and deploying them into the sea to become coral reefs. Their current efforts are also focused on developing a volunteer program and creating micro fragmenting and coral gardening nurseries.
Through the support of a Purpose Earth grant, Global Coralition will be able to begin purchasing the necessary equipment to deploy their most recent sculpture of Atabey, as well as have financial funding to help build and launch their coral nurseries. The grant will also support future workshops and a volunteer activation program.

“Our community of impact includes the local youth, fishermen, divers, expat, tourists and local businesses of the town of Sosúa. The sculpture becomes an eco-tourism site that serves for community education, inspiration, cultural significance as well as an active restoration site. This project will bring marine ecology to the forefront in the region and incentivize the local

stakeholders to actively engage in restoration.”

- Angeline Chen, Co-founder of Global Coralition Movement

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