The Indigenous Peoples Of Brazil Water Project

Providing Clean Water to Indigenous Communities
Two villages near Boca do Acre and the Juruá and Purus Rivers in Acre, Northern Brazil
Project Story
The Indigenous Peoples of Brazil Water Project’s mission is to build drinking water wells for two Indigenous communities in Acre in Brazil: the Madha people, a community of 1500 people, who live along the banks of the Juruá and Purus rivers and the Apurina people, who live near Boca do Acre.

While visiting these two villages in 2023, Co-Founder of the Planetary Healing Centre, Claudia Goncalves, learned that the Madha people are forced to drink water from contaminated, polluted rivers. Without the money and tools to drill a working well, the health of their community is deteriorating. The lack of safe drinking water has led to an increase in illness among the children and elders, and in some cases, death.

Meeting with the Apurina women near Boca do Acre, she learned that they too are without immediate access to drinking water and have to walk long distances carrying water for their families and home. Elders, mothers, and children have an endless task of carrying buckets of water every day while the men are working collecting Brazil Nuts. This project is in motion to provide wells to these two villages that are in desperate need of a sustainable source of clean water.
Through the support of a $8,200.00 Purpose Earth grant, the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil Water Project will be able to move forward with the drilling of both wells with necessary funding for materials, tools and installation.

“Together, we can help break the cycle of despair, improve access to safe drinking water, reduce the alarming rates of suicide among teenagers and address the underlying social challenges that the communities face. Together, we can make a difference and provide clean drinking water to those who need it most.”

- Co-Founder, Claudia Goncalves

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