Community Livelihoods Rehabilitation Project

Restoring Eco-Friendly Coffee Production in the Philippines
Initao, Philippines
Project Story
The Sustainable Community Livelihoods Rehabilitation Project gives hope and sustainable solutions to the Higa-onon tribal communities devastated by the Super typhoon Rai in December 2021. The goals of the project are to provide the communities a sustainable income, restore their farms through coffee and cacao production and involve women in the enterprise. This project will give long-term, sustainable income that benefits the tribes and the environment through eco-friendly coffee and cacao production, grown within shaded plots of land.
Through the support of a Purpose Earth grant, this project will be able to cover planning and farm production costs for 6 hectares of land dedicated to coffee and cacao production to restore farms and fight hunger.

“The typhoon left scars of memories where their loved ones died, their farms were badly destroyed and hunger hit them that made them hopeless. The rehabilitation project in the tribal communities through coffee and cacao production will give them sustainable livelihoods and fight hunger. During this rehabilitation process, the Tribes and Natures Defenders Inc. will strive to give hope for the tribe to restore their farms and provide sustainable livelihoods for cultural survival.”

- Datu Lanelio Sangcoan, Project Director

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