The Eco Hub

Woodland Center Connecting Marginalized Communities with Nature
Otsego County, New York, USA
Project Story
Black Land Ownership’s mission is to centralize information, identify opportunities and empower Black people to purchase land - specifically in rural areas.

Their first land project involves 37 acres in Otsego County, New York purchased for our Eco-Hub.

The goal is to utilize the creation of natural trails, earthen buildings, heated/safe inner spaces, and educational platforms/displays for land-based education, research and artist residencies and community building among urban Black New Yorkers as well as other marginalized communities-women, trans, indigenous, immigrants - with limited resources or capital.
​Through the support of a Purpose Earth grant, the Eco-Hub project will be supported in its creation of 2 wooden platforms on conservation land, a naturally configured pathway through the property and building materials for winterizing current structures and the construction of a cobb shed and oven.

“Who owns the land and how it is cared for, treated, conserved and protected are directly related and Black Land Ownership is about promoting the intersectionality of social justice and environmentalism with vigor.”

- Christopher Carr, Co-Founder

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