African Youth-Led Platform to Engage in Rural Regenerative Agricultural Projects
Kijauri Town, Kenya
Project Story
Konservation is a youth-led platform showing young people how to engage in conservation and sustainable development through rural-based grassroots projects. Konservation is particularly focused on engaging farmers in regions within Nyamira County, where monocropping and tea farming have affected the bargaining power of local farmers. They work directly alongside local farmers to raise awareness about the need to preserve indigenous seeds and practice regenerative agriculture. Their primary focus is to work with farmers from three constituencies within Nyamira County: Borabu Constituency, Metamaywa Constituency and Matutu Constituency. They are currently holding trainings, workshops, and information sessions with farmers from the constituencies within Nyamira County, Kenya.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Konservation has also begun collecting seeds from trusted farmers and has established connections with a network of women farmers in the community. As they work towards full establishment and management of the seed bank, located in Kijauri Town in southwest Kenya’s Borabu Constituency, they are engaging women and farmers more directly through workshops and a seed saving initiative plan.
With the help of the Purpose Earth Grant, Konservation was able to sign the lease on a rental space in Kijauri to house their community seed bank. They have also been able to hire a local farmer to facilitate farmer engagement and a local carpenter to work on crafting equipment for the community seed bank. Konservation were also able to successfully facilitate several workshops and farmers’ trainings in mid-October 2021 after partnering with officers from the Ministry of Agriculture local county government.

“This partnership has so far been remarkable as the Chagua project has now established a strong relationship with the local county government who, we believe, are key players in ensuring that farmers practice sustainable agriculture, maintain indigenous farming techniques, and champion food sovereignty. We trust that this partnership will endorse the community-led seed bank and encourage even more farmers to engage with the Chagua Project and vision.” Unelker Maogo, Founder and Director

“The Purpose Earth mentorship sessions we have had have greatly improved our working style for the entire project. Our team has and is currently developing a detailed work plan that will enable us to track project progress and meet project timelines while mitigating project uncertainties.”  

- Unelker Maogo, Founder and Director 

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Project Impact and reach to date:
2 full-time employees hired
5 volunteers
58 farmers engaged and educated through local trainings
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