Tell The Vision

Storytelling Program Supporting Youth
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Project Story
Tell the Vision is an annual event, followed by quarterly meet ups, designed to support young people by giving them a sacred space to address their emotional challenges. In doing so, they are better able to see a pathway to design their future. This project will be operated from the Canarsie community located in Brooklyn, New York, engaging in a six month program for young men awaiting trial or making their court dates within a juvenile detention center. Many of these men have aspirations of becoming hip hop stars and/or graphic artists and this program is designed to bring in professionals who can support them by enhancing their language and fine art skills while guiding them in emotional work in a group setting.
Through the support of the Purpose Earth grant, Tell the Vision will be able to provide a sacred space for generational and intergenerational discussion, exposure to different modalities of self-care and introduce entrepreneurship as an option toward self-actualization.

“If we can get them to discover ‘the me within,’ spark a light for who they are and what they bring to the table, get them excited about what they can become as opposed to who they can mimic, we are cutting inroads to places they have never been before. They can now see options other than street life.”

- Audrey Boothe-Jackson, Founder 

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