Nordson Green Earth Foundation

Planting Green Reading Spaces for Children in Chicago
Chicago, IL, USA
Project Story
Nordson Green Earth Foundation, “established to improve Chicago’s tree equity by providing urban forests to deserving communities,” encompasses 'Markham’s Greening Initiative’ that will enhance the mental, physical, and social health of the Markham Community by creating inviting, accessible green spaces.

The first step in this initiative was the planting of a native "Miyawaki" forest (the first in Illinois) adjacent to the Markham Cook County Courthouse, completed on May 20, 2022. Now they are expanding their vision to create serene outdoor reading spaces (reading gardens) around the Bradford Anderson Oglesby Public Library (Markham Library).
Through the support of a Purpose Earth grant, Nordson Green Earth and their Markham’s Greening Initiative will be able to purchase the materials needed for the building and planting of its green spaces at the Bradford Anderson Oglesby Public Library (Markham Library) and fund its community engagement about the project. Purpose Earth will also provide mentorship support in how to collect data from each planting site to evaluate the project’s impact on the environment and literacy rates in the area.

“Through our community engagement efforts, we realize trees provide many environmental benefits, but these green spaces also provide the opportunity to create community by providing safe spaces that allow kids to develop their literacy skills. Our project is at the intersection of many issues and these green spaces can help the Markham community strive to utilize green spaces as a solution.” 

- Christine Diploma , Founder and CEO of Nordson Green Earth Foundation

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