She is the Universe

Empowering Girls to Become Global Leaders
Global Digital Platform based in Dominican Republic
Project Story
She is the Universe is a global platform designed to amplify the voices of teenage girls from around the world by inspiring, empowering and offering the support to stand in their own stories and to pursue their dreams through storytelling, mentorship and community.

Purpose Earth’s support has helped to launch “The Galaxy,” the newest virtual community platform where more than 80 girls from 26 countries can connect about their dreams, fears and hopes for the world.

This community allows young women to connect and be a part of something greater—a global movement of girls who want to support each other. To date, young women are connecting from home countries in: Algeria, Philippines, Bolivia, Brazil, Turkey, USA, Dominican Republic. Canada, Chile, Congo DRC, Ecuador, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, India, South Africa, Kenya, Jamaica, Poland, Mexico, Australia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Paraguay, Perú, United Arab Emirates, España, Colombia, Venezuela, and Panamá.
Through the support and collaboration of Purpose Earth, She is the Universe has created a new program called “World Changers” to support young women on their journey to being change makers, activists, and global leaders, as well as a virtual community to support these girls called “The Galaxy.”"The Girls Galaxy" online platform currently supports 120+ girls, funds 10 different social ventures led by teen girls around the world and recently hosted a free 6-Chapter World Changers online event series that introduced girls to topics and speakers about: world changers, diversity & inclusion, mental health, environment, kindness and women's empowerment.

Purpose Earth financial support also helped support an in-person leadership retreat for teenage girls in 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa. Donations helped to provide a full-scholarship (tuition, food, housing, transportation, programs, and 1-year of virtual mentorship) for 20 young women.

"She is the Universe helped me to connect with many wonderful girls, to show me all that is behind all the work and especially helped me to believe that my dreams are important and that all girls united are very powerful. Thank you for believing in me, my dreams, and my ideas for helping our future." - She is the Universe participant

“Purpose Earth has not only supported us financially, but also emotionally and on a spiritual level. Because of Purpose Earth and our mentor Laura Rose’s belief in our organization, our vision and our heart-work, we are currently in the process of transforming what was once just a dream into a 501c3 non-profit organization. This conviction to support our efforts and contribute to the sustainability and spirit of She Is The Universe means the world to us.”

- Laura Peña, Founder 

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Project Impact and reach to date:
15,000+ across 50 countries have been impacted through our virtual community, in-person programming, and social media.
1 International Platform Developed (The Galaxy Platform)
80 Girls Registered On The Galaxy Platform
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