Wambulishe Water Project

Providing Kenyan Villages with Clean and Safe Water
Ematundu Village in Kakamega County, Kenya
Project Story
Wambulishe Water Project is a community-initiated project with a vision to provide the rural residents of the Wambulishe area with clean and safe water. Affecting a population of over 3,000 in five villages, this project will assist in improving community health and improve the livelihood for the people of the area.
Through the support of the Purpose Earth grant, this project will be able to move forward in drilling a new bore hole to source and provide clean water to the surrounding village communities.

“The general livelihoods and sanitation has deteriorated. Cases of water borne diseases have recurred in the area, physical body emaciation has noticeably been seen in women who walk long distances in search of water and poor academic results have been witnessed in schools has made the community to request for revival of the water project.”

Patrick Oyale, Project Leader

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