Truth Telling Project

Leading and Sustaining Truth-Telling Processes
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Project Story
The Truth Telling Project is committed to implementing and sustaining grassroots, community-centered truth-telling processes to amplify voices of the traditionally silenced, disenfranchised and vulnerabilized in response to state-sanctioned direct and indirect violence.
As a result of funding from Purpose Earth, the Truth Telling Project hosted its first virtual Educational Convening in early 2021 entitled, “Teachers Gotta Tell the Truth,” attracting nearly 200 education academics, authors, and teachers. The keynote speaker was Dr. Bettina Love, award winning author, researcher and faculty whose work is at the intersections of education, race, abolitionist teaching and Black joy.

The Purpose Earth grant also provided support for the redesign of their “It’s Time to Listen” Educational Online Resource for educators. Through these projects and events, the Truth Telling Project has attracted the attention of the NEA (National Education Association) Senior Analyst for Race who has joined our Board. They have also been invited to partner with an organization entitled “Think Peace” to collaborate on transitional justice truth commissions in hot conflict community regions.

“In a time when truth is under attack and the experiences of vulnerable communities are intensified, teachers [are] thirsty for an opportunity to better understand the need teachers have to speak the truth about the current social reality in which we live.” 

- Melinda Salazar, Co-Executive Director 

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Project Impact and reach to date:
225 volunteers
500+ educated
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