Consciousness and Healing Initiative

Accelerating the Science and Practice of Healing
La Jolla, California, USA
Project Story
Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) is a nonprofit collaborative offering educational programming that highlights and honors indigenous wisdom and artists, while sharing the science and practice of healing.
As a result of the Purpose Earth grant, CHI has held a public webinar with esteemed bassist and music medicine teacher Victor Wooten on Music and the Collective Spirit. They have also been able to recruit and secure more leaders in the healing community, including Grace Sesma, Maya Shetreat, Barbara Wallace, to represent indigenous perspectives and traditions on healing in CHI Webinars and AMAs (including curanderismo, qi gong, earth healing, and African shamanism).

The grant has also supported the creation and implementation of a CHI Healing Practitioners Council, bringing together leaders of indigenous healing and modern traditions of healing to discuss issues that will shape the field such as: education, certification, legislation and research.
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Project Impact and reach to date:
1 educational program developed
20+ leaders brought together
10+ community leaders empowered
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