Tsavo Conservation Education Program

Engaging Youth in Environmental Conservation and Protection
Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) in Kenya
Project Story
The Tsavo Conservation Education Program focuses on Tsavo Conservation Area, specifically Tsavo West National Park, and vulnerable communities in Mang’elete and Mtito Andei, Kenya. Partnering since 2018, the project aims to enhance community resilience, empower women and promote conservation, with a new focus on engaging the younger generation in conservation education.

This project will focus on outreach within the youth of two communities bordering the north of Tsavo West National Park (TWNP) to foster increased knowledge of the importance of sustainable resource management and ecosystem resilience, as well as increased responsibility
for protecting and conserving their surrounding environment. This will be achieved through establishing conservation education clubs in six schools, supported by educational bus trips into TWNP and community-wide conservation celebration days.
Through the support of an $8,000 Purpose Earth grant, the Tsavo Conservation Education Program will be able to run a monthly youth conservation club, including books and materials for participating youth. The grant also provides the necessary funds for implementing the educational bus trips, such as bus hire and refreshments. Community Conservation Celebration days will also be provided for thanks to the support of the grant award.

“We believe children have a right to be informed about their country's diverse wildlife and how valuable it is to the land and to the country itself. Our project focus is the community living alongside park boundaries who have limited access to information about Kenya's unique wildlife heritage. Therefore, there is need for them to learn, engage, visit wildlife conservation areas, participate in citizen science, and be connected to their wildlife and nature.”

- Community Officer, Stephen Musau

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