Teaching for the Future

Education Center for Vulnerable Children
Rural community of Villa Paraíso in Sosúa, Dominican Republic
Project Story
Enseñando Para el Futuro (Teaching for the Future) is a nursery and education center for children ages one to six years of age in the rural community of Villa Paraíso in Sosúa, Dominican Republic. The project, lead by local community leader Nikauris Vasquez, implements an educational model based on the Montessori method to create a safe, educational space for vulnerable children within the community. Talks and workshops will also be given for parents to support them in parenting, healthy food preparation and to create a space for positive and long-lasting intergenerational impact for both children and adults.
Through the support of a Purpose Earth grant, this project will be able to rent and cover the cost of utilities for a designated educational space for the children, as well as purchase desks and classroom materials. This financial support will also help with food costs and staff salaries.

“I feel like I have a big dream, but I have the experience and community support to make this dream come true. I have finished my Montessori diploma, which is a different education system based on forming more independent, wise children who are dedicated to education. I have worked in three schools, in which I have had the opportunity to teach children from different countries, and I want to bring this knowledge that makes my heart beat stronger to these children who need it so much.”

- Nikauris Vasquez, Founder of Teaching for the Future

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