Life Skills Development For Vulnerable Children

Ending Extreme Poverty Through Education
Pakwach Town, West Nile region, Northern Uganda
Project Story
The Sustainable Life Skills Development for Vulnerable Children project aims to address the pressing needs of vulnerable children (10-18 years old) in Pakwach Town, Uganda by establishing a life skills program focusing on creativity, communication, sexual and reproductive health and sports. As an interdisciplinary, intersectional initiative, it emphasizes social, economic, environmental, educational and cultural applications.

Social aspects of the project will include developing a sports program through basketball and netball. Economically, the project will focus on advancing capacity-building and life skills through training on crafting reusable sanitary towels, candles, liquid soap and recycling bottles and plastic bags into items for sale. Active community engagement, led by local volunteers, ensures cultural relevance and sustainability. The project, with a community board overseeing activities, aims to create lasting change in Pakwach's youth.
Through the support of an $8,000 Purpose Earth grant, The Sustainable Life Skills Development for Vulnerable Children Project will be able to purchase the necessary sporting and office equipment to implement training and administration. The grant also enables the project to provide the materials for upcycling plastics and crafting products for sale.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and its social and economic effects deepened concern about the quality of life across generations. For the young people, it disrupted schooling, increased poverty and vulnerability, increased school dropout rates and increased the number of teenage pregnancies. This project is driven to address extreme poverty in this region.”

- Founder, Sailas Okwairwoth‍

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