Mohawk Vision Keepers Return To Ancestral Land

Building a Traditional Longhouse on Mohawk Ancestral Soil
Schoharie County in the Mohawk Valley of New York, and the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne, USA
Project Story
Kanerahtiio Roger Jock, a Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) leader from the Akwesasne Reserve, carries a vision of return for his people to their ancestral lands in the Mohawk Valley of Central New York. To catalyze this homecoming, Kanerahtiio has gathered people of all cultures and political stripes together to build the frame of a traditional Longhouse on his ancestral soil.

The autumn of 2020 saw the Eastern and Western doors of the Longhouse raised and a frame constructed throughout the summer. The process of building the Longhouse has also helped to generate widespread support for Kanerahtiio’s larger vision of establishing a regenerative farming community in the Valley.
Since receiving a Purpose Earth grant award, the Mohawk Vision Keepers project has been able to continue the process of building both the physical structure of the traditional Longhouse in the Schoharie Valley, as well as rebuilding and empowering the Way of the Longhouse (original instructions and teachings for the Great Law of Peace).

In addition to the Longhouse project, the grant funding has allowed the Mohawk Vision Keepers project to produce two videos of oral teachings on the Way of the Longhouse and The Great Law of Peace as given to the Haudenosaunee by the Peacemaker.
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Project Impact and reach to date:
15 volunteers
1 new collaborative video project to document and share cultural understanding
100 + people attending and participating in trainings
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