Beautiful Earth

Immersive Educational Workshops Inspiring Planetary Stewardship
New York City, New York
Project Story
The Beautiful Earth Foundation was birthed as a unique educational experience for people of all ages that combine live music, a multimedia presentation of NASA visualizations and timelapses, NASA scientist and Native American perspectives of the Earth, and hands-on workshops at partner museums and schools across the United States. The Beautiful Earth (BE) program illuminates the connections between natural systems and human activities to inspire audiences to act as stewards for our shared resources. BE has successfully been used to instill in people of all ages and backgrounds a desire to care for our home planet.
​Through the support of a Purpose Earth grant, the Beautiful Earth program will be experienced by students at two K-12 schools in the New York region. The grant will go toward project and performer fees, as well as equipment rental costs.

“Scientific research suggests that our neurochemistry opens the door to cognitive learning through emotional and right-brain engagement, and without creating this deeper, memorable experience, the human brain does not learn, let alone act on what is learned. Through tapping kids' emotional intelligence, the Beautiful Earth program generates the elusive but crucial response: the Care and the Will to Act.” 

- Kenji Williams

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