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Kevin Chiteri

Kevin is a firm believer in adopting sustainable development goals as a tool for world peace and healing. He has/is involved in several activities inclined towards sustainable agriculture and the environment. 

In 2013, Kevin attended the Youth Encounter for Sustainability workshop in Serbia, with individuals from around the world where he lived in a model "sustainable eco-village." The experience stimulated him to work with the World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD) as the Programs Director. 

WSCSD's goals were to harness young people's creativity and energy across universities in Kenya to 'adopt-a-forest' and 'adopt-a-river' initiatives. WSCSD has collaborated with numerous stakeholders, including the Ministry of Higher Education in Kenya. This initiative later led to the Kenya Green University Network (KGUN), launched in 2016, by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).

Kevin co-founded the Kenya Youth Biotechnology & Biosciences Network (KYBNet) to advocate for better government funding and investment in STEM courses. As a social entrepreneur, Kevin also ran an eco-tourism company that worked with local communities to create recreational trails and income-generation activities. Kevin is currently interested in adopting agricultural technologies for small scale holder farmers in developing countries to maximize productivity.

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