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Purpose Earth is a global initiative of

Unity Earth, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization network whose  mission is to accelerate the realization of unity and peace around the world. To mobilize this mission at the grassroots level, Purpose Earth’s grant and mentorship program supports, funds and mentors purpose-driven people and projects with creative solutions to our global challenges. 

The three Purpose Pillars of Environmental Restoration, Community Activation and Cultural Collaboration create the framework of Purpose Earth’s grant and mentorship program and activate Unity Earth’s key pillars of Unity, Purpose and Peace.

All donations made to Purpose Earth go directly to grant recipients, allowing 100% of your generous contribution to make a powerful, immediate impact on the local communities these projects serve.


Purpose Earth was launched into motion Autumn of 2019, but its unfolding has been a result of nearly 50 YEARS OF TRANSFORMATIVE PROJECT ENDEAVORS.

1970s: Emanuel Kuntzelman (volunteer director for Purpose Earth) outlines his Evolutionary Wave Theory and begins lecturing and hosting transformative workshops.

1985: Emanuel Kuntzelman founds Greenheart International, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit cultural exchange organization to connect people and planet is established in Illinois, USA. 


Greenheart International, a nonprofit based in Chicago, has facilitated more than 160,000 cultural exchange experiences for international participants from 85 countries worldwide since its inception in 1985.

1995: Emanuel Kuntzelman and Laura Rose (Purpose Earth Grants Council Committee Member) found Foundation for the Future in Madrid, Spain.

2008: Greenheart Transforms is created within Greenheart International, acting as the social transformation branch of the organization.


2009: Greenheart Transforms hosts a gathering of a gathering of like-minded representatives from Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Theosophical Society and ITP International in Sedona, AZ, planting the seed for Global Purpose Movement.


Parliament of World’s Religions (Melbourne, Australia) Presentation on “The Scientific and Spiritual Foundations of the Human Family”

2010 :Muslim for a Month begins in Turkey.

2011 :Monk for a Month India begins - through connection to Sunil Chauhan.

2012 :December 21/22 U Day Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The first collaboration with Pato Banton and Antoinette Rootsdawtah.

2015 :Parliament of the World’s Religions (Salt lake City, USA) launch of 


Rasta Roots program launches in Ethiopia ( 

2016: Greenheart Transforms evolves into Global Purpose Movement, a global community of purpose seekers, change-makers and social entrepreneurs empowering others to find their purpose.



2019: Global Purpose Movement partners with UNITY EARTH to launch Purpose Earth – Unity Earth’s global initiative.


February 1-7, UNITY EARTH Liftoff in New York, featuring the New York Convergence & the Liftoff event at United Palace.

2020: Purpose Earth officially announces its launch as a Unity Earth global initiative through the virtual, global event: Purpose Earth.


June 19-26 1st World UNITY Week

2021: Purpose Earth awards $184,000 in grant funding to 23 projects around the world.

2022: Purpose Earth announcing round one stage of grants in April 2022.

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