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Pillar 1:


Environmental Protection

Supporting global projects making an impact in:

Alleviating environmental degradation.


Restoring natural resources. 


Honoring nature’s wisdom.


Pillar 2:


Community Activation

Supporting global projects making an impact in:

Nurturing healthy and collaborative projects that strengthen local communities.


Transforming communities to be more spirited, diverse and mutually supportive.


Building collaborative and interactive networks thriving with a positive, energized and creative group dynamic.

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Pillar 3:


Cultural Collaboration

Supporting global projects making an impact in:

Bringing the universal cultural ideals of compassion, cooperation and consciousness to a global community.

Empowering cultural expression and communication through art, music and other creative endeavors.

Shifting perspectives from “me” to “we” to “all” in how we live and take action.

Our Purpose Pillars

The three Purpose Pillars of Environmental Protection, Community Activation and Cultural Collaboration create the framework of Purpose Earth’s

grant and mentorship program.


Each pillar represents an essential pathway toward global transformation. By nurturing collaboration and community, within and among these sectors, we will accelerate real-world impact.

Our Purpose Earth Story

When Purpose Earth launched its global grant and mentorship program in 2019, we set out on a mission to fund and mentor purpose-driven people and grassroots projects applying creative solutions to the critical issues of our time.


To-date, we’ve awarded over $388,000 to 43 grant recipients in 24 countries, and have engaged in hundreds of hours of mentoring sessions

with project leaders.

A Purpose Earth grant financially boosts project momentum.

Our mentorship program amplifies a project’s community impact.

With the help of our remarkable volunteer mentors and grants council committee members, we build lasting, meaningful relationships through regular check-ins supporting grantees with personalized operational strategies and skill sets to support the longevity of their project. 


By actively investing in the people and organizations working at the local level, we foster a sustainable and collaborative future on a global scale, whose ripple effect goes far beyond the local communities they serve.

Purpose Earth’s founders are passionate about the transformative impact of purpose-driven projects and financially support the operational and administrative costs of the organization at this time,

allowing 100% of your donation to go directly to our grant recipients.


Purpose Earth’s growing network of grant recipients is a roster of visionaries committed to creating a new way forward within their local and global communities.

An In-depth Application Process 


Our annual grant application process begins in late August and is completed at the start of January, when we announce our new Purpose Earth grant recipients.


The Purpose Earth grants council committee reviews all applications and thoroughly vets each project in the decision making process.


References, project goals and budget proposals are required when

submitting an application.


Once a Purpose Earth grant is awarded, a mentor is assigned to each grant recipient personalized to their needs, and regular check-ins are scheduled for project updates. When possible, an onsite project visit is arranged.

Building Lasting Relationships 


Purpose Earth is dedicated to the power of building relationships through mentorship to sustain and empower our grantees alongside our grant funding. 


Many grant recipients have formed close working relationships with Purpose Earth, sharing their experiences and wisdom with our

community and fellow project leaders.


In this joyful reciprocity, Purpose Earth supports visionary leaders activating change in their local communities, creating a transformative ripple effect around the world.

Wambulishe Community Water

“Thank you, Purpose Earth, for funding our project. Wambulishe Community have reasons to smile today; children and women don’t have to walk long distances in search of water, clean water in almost every household will substantially reduce prevalence of water borne diseases in the area, and there’s

a general improvement of livelihood.”


- Patrick Oyale, Project Director,  Wambulishe Water Project in Kakamega County, Kenya

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