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 Online, based in England


Festival of the Child is an immersive, experiential adventure and online education summit, for a global community of courageous, creative and curious parents and educators, willing to step into the unknown fire of these difficult and intense times and re-imagine education from the grassroots up.

“It remains our heartfelt wish to offer inspiration, practical strategies and an embodied, energetic blueprint of what’s possible for future generations as we literally dream the future awake as a community, together.”


- Priya Mahtani, Founder


As a result of receiving a Purpose Earth Grant, Festival of the Child, was able to be fully realized in the summer of 2021. The online event weaved a new narrative for education and provided a platform for transformative conversations with educators, authors and parents. The event’s focus was on cultivating community, deepening our sense of purpose and ultimately sharing the resources and experiences of parents and educators.

“Receiving a Purpose Earth award as a grantee this year was quite simply the difference between this project happening and not happening. The grant has been a lifeline to possibility and hope and just 5 weeks away from the live event now, so many important milestones have already taken place.”


Priya Mahtani, Founder

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