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Saptari District, Nepal


The Empowerment Collective is dedicated to eradicating hunger in the Saptari district, one of the most populated regions of Nepal. To achieve its goal, the collective engages with local leaders and makes home visits, providing support to countless people currently unable to provide for their families.


Through support from the Purpose Earth grant, the Empowerment Collective has provided thousands of meals and has been able to rent a food truck that goes from village to village to provide nutritious food to the most underserved, allowing their team to “be the hope in this community, through helping us train staff, volunteers and renting food trucks. In the midst of the pandemic, they were able to feed 5,000 meals and support 40 families most in need.

“We are so very deeply touched by you having selected our small grassroots organization for the Purpose Earth grant. Our 21-member team, which consists of 13 volunteers and 8 paid staff, work very hard from very early morning to the late night to be in service to the most vulnerable. ...Without Purpose Earth's support, we wouldn’t be able to reach all those people and identify 40 families who are deeply affected by the pandemic and are looking for long-term support. It is striving us to help more and more people and end hunger in our community." 


- Nasreen Sheikh,  Founder of Empowerment Collective

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