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Rev. Linda Bjork

Linda Bjork is a former decade-long CEO, building what would become one of Scandinavia’s most profitable and award-winning design and branding agencies. Known as a mind-training pioneer as a CEO, Linda Bjork is the Founder of the transformative intelligence system for leaders called Mindfulness Intelligence® (MQ).


With Mindfulness Intelligence®, Linda speaks to and works with audiences world-wide to empower professionals to get out of their own way, help leaders create purposeful impact, and guide teams to quantum-level innovative skill sets. Linda is a trained MBSR Instructor (mindfulness-based stress reduction), a Certified Executive Success Coach, and an Ordained Interfaith/Inter-Spiritual Minister. 


Linda authored the leadership development book “Inner Business, Training Your Mind For Leadership Success”, serves on the Board of Directors of UNITY EARTH Inc, the Board of Trustees of One Spirit Learning Alliance, and on the PURPOSE EARTH Grants Council.


Linda lives and works in New York City with her daughter, their dog Lion King (he really does look like a lion) and their blind cat Lucyboy.


“Love is the bridge between you and everything” - Rumi