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Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) in Kenya


Cluster Education hosts virtual Empowerment Sessions for high-achieving female students in Afghanistan, promoting education and empowerment despite societal challenges. These sessions provide vital support in leadership, career guidance and personal growth, transforming lives and garnering community support. The impact is evident through improved academics and newfound confidence, monitored through attendance, video submissions and academic achievements. The Empowerment Sessions are part of the Cluster Education program, reaching over 4,000 girls in Afghanistan, with top students creating a ripple effect of positive impact.


Through the support of an $8,000 Purpose Earth grant, the Tsavo Conservation Education Program will be able to run a monthly youth conservation club, including books and materials for participating youth. The grant also provides the necessary funds for implementing the educational bus trips, such as bus hire and refreshments. Community Conservation Celebration days will also be provided for thanks to the support of the grant award.

“We believe children have a right to be informed about their country's diverse wildlife and how valuable it is to the land and to the country itself. Our project focus is the community living alongside park boundaries who have limited access to information about Kenya's unique wildlife heritage. Therefore, there is need for them to learn, engage, visit wildlife conservation areas, participate in citizen science,

and be connected to their

wildlife and nature.”


- Community Officer, Stephen Musau

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