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Dr. Akpezi Ogbuigwe


A true nationalist and internationalist, Dr. Akpezi Ogbuigwe serves as Adviser for the African Region, United Nations University (UNU) Regional Centers for Expertise (RCE’s). She is the Founder of Anpez Centre for Environment and Development (ACFED), founded in 1991 to respond to the huge environmental neglect and pollution of the Niger Delta Region. She is the promoter of The Star Advantage Network founded to mobilize and proliferate change actions to lighten up our world in every dimension.


Akpezi served as Dean of Law at the Rivers State University, was former Head of Environmental Education & Training, and later Coordinator of Ecosystems Management Sub-Programme at the United Nations Environment Programme. She has several publications including; The Imperative for Legal Education Responsiveness to the Climate Change Exigency, Rivers State University anniversary publication (2022); Legal Issues in the Niger Delta Resource Dilemma, 2nd Edition, ACFED (2018); Birth Pangs of Africa’s Renaissance (2007); SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals: A view from inside Africa’s Higher Education Institutions, Approaches to SDG 17 Partnerships for the SDGs (SDGs), GUNI, 28-36 (2018).


She is a recipient of awards and honors such as the Environmental Creation Awareness Award by the Environment Outreach Magazine (2010); and The Outstanding Young Persons of Nigeria Award in recognition of contribution to Moral and Environmental Leadership by the Nigeria Junior Chamber.

Akpezi continues to contribute internationally to the field of environmental law, environmental education and sustainability, climate change research and transformation of the teaching profession and higher education in Africa. She is a volunteer with The Christian Care for Widows, Widowers, the Aged and the Orphans (CCWA).

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